25th Feb 2014
Grays River Covered Bridge

Gray’s River Covered Bridge

The Gray’s River Covered Bridge was lobbied for by dairy farmer Hans P. Ahlberg in 1905. The county agreed to build it at a cost of $2615.00. Ahlberg owned land...

15th Jan 2013

Astoria Column, Beacon of History

Astoria Column, Beacon of History Astoria Column, Beacon of History One of Astoria’s most unique tourist features is the Astoria Column. Built in 1926 to commemorate important historical events around...

20th Nov 2012

Golden Gate Bridge at Night

Golden Gate Bridge at Night On the off chance there is anybody in the world who doesn’t know this location, this is the Golden Gate Bridge in a small city...

11th May 2012

Portland Rose Festival Ships

Portland Rose Festival Ships One of Portland’s longest traditions is the annual Rose Festival. And one of the Rose Festival’s longest traditions is the arrival of the Fleet. These days...

17th Apr 2012

Late Fall Sunrise

Late Fall Sunrise This was taken from Portland’s Tom McCall Waterfront Park in mid-November 2011. We had stopped by Saturday Market for Gyros and Elephant Ears. It was a fairly...

07th Nov 2011

Burnside Bridge, Portland Oregon

Burnside Bridge, Portland Oregon The Burnside Bridge in Portland is the only one of the Cities bridges built with input from an architect. It was completed in 1926 and replaced...

12th Oct 2010

Sunset in Newport

Sunset in Newport The Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport Oregon at Sunset.

12th Oct 2010

Newport Bay Bridge

Newport Bay Bridge Also know as the Yaquina Bay Bridge. This is one of eleven bridges on the Oregon Coast designed by Conde McCullough. Construction started August 1, 1934, and...