Ghost Town of Lamonta, Oregon

Ghost Town of Lamonta, Oregon

Lamonta gained a post office September, 7th, 1898, and was plated April 1905. The Post Office closed in April 1918. The town was apparently named by Miss Kate Helfrich and is supposed to refer to nearby Grizzly Mountain. But in which language, is unknown. The town was built to serve the needs of area ranches, but dried up as those ranches were absorbed by bigger ones. The remains of the town were burned in the 1960’s to make way for the power sub-station. These days, even the remnants of that era are long gone.

Ghost Town of Lamonta, Oregon

But the name still lives on in several local businesses in Prineville.

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  • with the town of Dolph in Oregon people should check out the town of Dolph and see if it is haunted or not. from Wendy Sells

  • My grandfather Elmer Lott was born near Lamonta in about 1916. His grandfather Charles Lott owned one of the ranches just ouside Lamonta and was one of the directors of the Lamonta Percheron Horse Company.

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