Grandview Oregon, Ghost Town

Grandview Oregon, Ghost Town

Grandview is yet another town that only remains in name.

Remains of the town were visible up until about 1974, but everything except the cemetery seems to be long gone. But based on it’s location, it’s not hard to imagine why. Twenty miles or more north of Sisters, and about fifteen south west of Madras, the town was perched over the canyons that now contain Lake Billy Chinook. It’s said the name comes from the view, as the Eastern side of the Cascade mountains is easily visible, as are the Three Sisters, Three Fingered Jack, and Broken Top mountains.

Descriptions of the town say that there are still buildings there, but other then newer homes and a resort area, I was not able to find anything.

Grandview Oregon, Ghost Town
“Center” of town

Grandview Oregon, Ghost Town
A Ranch? Private homes?

The area seems quite peaceful. I enjoyed driving through despite the dirt roads, sage brush, juniper trees, and lava rocks. Several miles south as I cut across seemingly endless desert, was a loan horse farm. I can’t imagine anyone really making much of a living out there. The trip into town is long, even with modern vehicles is long. Before the bridges were built over Lake Billy Chinook, and on horse, wagon, or foot it must have been torturous.

Grandview Cemetery

The Grandview Cemetery

Update – Feb 2018. Guy Swanson wrote an article about Grandview based on an extensive number of interviews he had with a long time resident, Hope Nance. His article appeared in the Fall 2017 version of Jefferson County Historical Society’s “The Agate”. A backup copy is here on Google Drive

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  • I am writing a book about Grandview, have been doing research thru several sources and interviewing a woman who was born there 98 years ago, still sharp as a tack and has a wealth of information, maps, photographs, lists of residents, etc. I hope to have it published next summer. You can read a sample chapter on my website at

  • my great uncle Bert Akins and my grandfather Fred Akins Sr. both lived in Grandview I think about 1913

    • Yes Bert and grandpa lived there, Uncle Bob, uncle Dick and uncle Jr.,and aunt Dorthy went to school but my mom Violet was too young.. Uncle Bert ran the post office and the store, if I remember the story right. May even be some buried treasure there!,,, March 2018 I am Violets daughter.

  • I’m pretty sure those people that live behind the gate are the one whose ancestors founded it and they hold an event at the cemetery every Memorial Day to remember the town and its people. Also, there is a Cannabis V.S. Cancer event for the solar eclipse in August out there this year.

    • None of the relatives actually still live in the area. But the family does still come back each year for Memorial Day weekend. the woman that Guys speaks of above just passed away this winter and we just put her to rest over there last month. I am her Great granddaughter and will miss her very much.

      • Stephanie Kenaston,
        im very curious as to whats going on here. is there a gathering on this coming memorial day?

  • My wife and my just completed the Grandview Loop Road. We stopped at the cemetery, it is still brightly decorated with beautiful colorful streamers and whirligigs. We were so touched at the headstones, and it was obvious that people come and remember and celebrate the lives of their ancestors. We saw the gravesite of an infant who died in 1918. I was particularly touched because my parents had a baby (my brother) who died in the 1918-1919 flue pandemic. Like for the child, someone cares enough to acknowledge a person who, however short a time, did inhabit this earth. Thank you all for your care.

  • What a great Biography of the human spirit.

  • We purchased part of the old town site a few years back. We’re working on a documentary about Grandview, if anyone has old photo’s or information on the town please contact us.

    • I lived just down the road from the cemetery for a few years and still know the man who owns that property. He probably knows a bunch. His name is Neil Jordan. Either that or he’ll know who you should talk to.

  • I am looking for information on the Buchanan Road off Canadian Bench down to the Deschutes River built around 1900. The wood log bridge crossed the Deschutes River just north of The Island in what is now Cove Palisades State Park.

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