07th Mar 2016
Hoskins Covered Bridge

Hoskins Covered Bridge

The first Hoskins Covered Bridge was built in 1900 to cross the Luckiamute River in Benton County. It was located in what was then the town of Hoskins. That bridge...

06th Dec 2015
View of the Fort

Fort Hoskins, Oregon

Fort Hoskins was one of three forts built in the Oregon territory to protect white settlers from coastal indians on the Siletz Reservation and to protect those same indians from...

10th Feb 2015

Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens

Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens At the Oregon Coast. A sunny day. Behold, what do we see. The poor remains of the gallant Peter Iredale. A better, closer look. You...

10th Feb 2015

Scavenger Hunt for Seattle, Washington

Are you bringing visitors from out of town who are looking to explore Seattle? Do you have a weekend looking for something to fill it up and have hit all...

01st Dec 2014
Office Covered Bridge

Office Covered Bridge (Westfir)

The Office Covered Bridge is probably one of the most unique covered bridges around due to it’s attached walkway. It’s also Oregon’s longest covered bridge at 180 feet. The bridge...

01st Dec 2014
Collier Logging Museum

Collier Logging Museum at Collier Memorial State Park

I have probably passed the Collier Logging Museum at Collier Memorial State Park well over a hundred times in my life without ever stopping there. It was during a trip...

01st Dec 2014
Peter Skene Ogden History Sign

Peter Skene Ogden and the Williamson River

Back to Part 2 – Explorers and Pioneers in Southern Oregon Peter Skene Ogden was likely the first white man to enter this part of Oregon. As a Chief Trader...

01st Dec 2014
Pacific Railroad Surveys

The Pacific Railroad Surveys of 1855

Back to Part 3 – Peter Skene Ogden The Pacific Railroad sent out a series of exploration of the American West to find routes for the Transcontinental Railroad. These explorations...

19th Aug 2014

Martial Law in Copperfield Oregon

Martial Law in Copperfield Oregon In some ways parts of Oregon are still very much the Wild West. The independent spirit is far from dead as ranchers still attempt to...

18th Aug 2014
History of the Clinton Street Theater

History of the Clinton Street Theater – Portland Oregon

History of the Clinton Street Theater – Portland Oregon The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon has been home to a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast since 1978. But...

18th Jun 2014

Timber, Oregon

Name: Timber, Oregon Class: E3 GPS: 45.720605, -123.295563 Directions: Take Highway 26 West towards the Coast. Follow the signs to Seaside. Take a left at Timber Road after 36.5 miles....

18th Jun 2014

Taft, Oregon, Native American Ghost Town (Johnson)

Name: Taft (Johnson) Class: G6 GPS: 44.927942, -124.015382 Directions: Taft is one of the five towns that merged together to form Lincoln City. It’s on the south end of town,...