18th Apr 2014
Hoffman Covered Bridge

Hoffman Covered Bridge, Oregon (Crabtree Creek)

The Hoffman Covered Bridge is another departure from the typical “Linn County” design of covered bridges. Built in 1936 by hand, timber for the bridge was cut nearby and shaped...

10th Mar 2014

Larwood Covered Bridge (Crabtree Creek)

The Larwood Covered Bridge is in the distinct Linn County style. It is unclear to me if and when this happened, but previously two covered bridges spanned the river here....

06th Mar 2014

Shimanek Covered Bridge (Thomas Creek)

Five bridges have crossed Thomas Creek at this specific location. Little is known about the first bridge, other then it was built in 1861. Linn County has records that state...

02nd Mar 2014

Jordan Covered Bridge, Oregon (Stayton-Jordan)

The Jordan Covered Bridge is apparently quite beloved by the community. The original bridge was a 90 foot long Howe truss bridge that crossed Thomas Creek right outside of what...

25th Feb 2014
Grays River Covered Bridge

Gray’s River Covered Bridge

The Gray’s River Covered Bridge was lobbied for by dairy farmer Hans P. Ahlberg in 1905. The county agreed to build it at a cost of $2615.00. Ahlberg owned land...

29th Jan 2014

Earnest Covered Bridge, Oregon

The Earnest Covered Bridge across the Mohawk River near Marcola, Oregon, is the second bridge to have been at this location. The first one was the Adams Bridge. It was...

18th Jan 2014

Crawfordsville Covered Bridge

The Crawfordsville Covered Bridge is near Crawfordsville Oregon along the “Halsey-Sweet Home Highway,” or Highway 228. It crosses the Calapooia River, a tributary of the Willamette River that is named...

30th Oct 2013

Booth-Kelly Company Ghost Town – Wendling Oregon

Name: Wendling Oregon Class: B3 GPS:Latitude: 44.1904044, Longitude: -122.7984142 Directions: From Portland, drive south on I-5. Take Highway Exit 216 to OR-228, turn left towards Brownsville. At eleven miles, just...

01st Sep 2012

Gallon House Covered Bridge

Moonshine central, Gallon House Covered Bridge Among the numerous covered bridges still in Oregon, Gallon House over Abiqua Creek between Silverton and Mt. Angel probably has one of the most...

11th Aug 2011

Covered Bridge near Mitchell Oregon

Covered Bridge near Mitchell Oregon Unfortunately it’s on private property and you can’t drive over it. This unnamed bridge is located on a farm just outside of Mitchell, Oregon.

15th Jan 2011

Lake Creek Covered Bridge (Nelson Mountain)

Lake Creek Covered Bridge (Nelson Mountain) The Lake Creek Covered Bridge is located about 38 miles west on Highway 36 from out of Eugene near the town of Greenleaf. What...

21st Feb 2010

Drift Creek Covered Bridge

Drift Creek Covered Bridge This is the rebuilt Drift Creek Covered Bridge just outside of the Lincoln City. The original one fell down in 1997. The owners of the property...