1946 Clackamas County Sheriff’s Posse Sixth Annual All Western Horse Show

1946 Clackamas County Sheriff’s Posse Sixth Annual All Western Horse Show

On August 31st and September 1st 1946 the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Posse held their sixth annual All-Western Horse Show at the Clackamas County Fair Grounds in Canby, Oregon. This brochure of the event was found at a yard sale.

1946 Clackamas County Sheriff's Posse Sixth Annual All Western Horse Show

This is a great resource for vintage advertising. Interestingly a lot of the advertisers are in Portland and Gresham and not just in Clackamas County. The other great thing about this are the names here for genealogists, both in ads and participants.

Sears Roebuck Saddle Advertisement

Hubach and Parkinson Motors

Names: John F. Hubach (Johnny), C.R. Parkinson (Parky)

Palomino Stallions of Oregon

Sterling Heavy Duty Motor Trucks

Sheriff's Posse

Names: Captain A.W. Rhodes

Shell Advertisement

Name: Harry Kuehne

Service Tire Company, Inc Advertisement

Name: Thos. E. Ferguson

Tigard Turkey Hatchery

Sheriff Posse Membership List

Fred Reaksecker (Sheriff of Clackamas County)
Don E. Batchelor
Jack Bates
Glen Bekins
Elmer O. Berglund
Richard O. Berglund
H. Bleasing, Jr
Fred W. Bonk
Leo V. Bowdish
George W. Butson
C.O. Ensley
Harold Fields
Ralph Giesy
K.C. Goodall
Rudolph L. Gross
Kenneth B. Hall
Albert Hoffarber
Kenneth W. Holman
Dr. Bruce Jones
Ted Klebe
Arthur W. Lee
Jack Lynch
Lester Marks
Dr. P.L. Meacham
Merle F. Miller
Ellis McCrea
Ed. McGriff
Leslie A. McKethen
G.H. Obertcuffer
Harold Polivka
A.W. Rhodes
Wallace Richardson
Carl D. Rohde
Alfred Sawtell
Fred C. Shafer
Roger G. Smith
Wallace Simms
Norbert H. Somers
J.B. Stone
Dr. E. Merle Taylor
Dan Thomes
R.W. Van Pelt
Harold Wheeler
A.C. Wilson
Gordon D. Wilson
C.C. Wintermute

Dwyer Fuel Company

Bates Radio Service

Names: Joe Babic, Vera Babic, John M. Jack Bates, Frank Rice

Tigard Feed and Seed

Names: Albert Hoffarber

National Laundry

Names: A.H. Gammons

Raker's Farm Store

Names: Dr. P.L. Meacham

Ray Grimshaw

E.H. Bly & Son

Names: E.H. Boly

Portland Beauty Academy

Bates Motoramp Garage

Names: R.W. Van Pelt, John M. (Jack) Bates

Zell Bros

Bernie Herrmann's

Names: George W. Dunmire

C.N. Anderson

Names: C.N. Anderson

Morrison-Hartke Motors

Names: Joe Fisher, Larry Hilaire,

vintage picture of a horse

A'Ann Petite Beauty Salon

Names: Ray Bolger

Packard Oregon Company

Name: R.W. Van Pelt

Saelens Radio Service

Names: A.L. Mills, D.H. Mills, Gordon Plantz, Gen Ban

Chicken in The Rough

Names: Fred Schlaman

Goodall Oil Company

Names: Ken Goodall

Transport Bodies & Equipment Co.

Names: A.E. Stebinger

Bressie Electric

Peerless Trailer & Truck Service, Inc.

John M. "Jack" Bates

Names: John M. “Jack” Bates

Nudleman Bros

Names: Loren Kerr

Pearson's Tavern

Names: Heydt & Streib

C.G. Gregory Feed Co.

Names: C.G. Gregory

Ireland's of Lake Oswego

Names: George Lawrence, Glen Cutsforth, Rene Dupont

Clackamas Auto Parts

The Royal Hat Works

Names: Jim Amodeo

General Dozer Work

Names: Ed McGriff

Remsen's Grocery & Market

Kingsbury's LTD

Huntly-Draper Drug Co

Portland Outdoor Store

Hartke Motors

Names: Mrs. Ward Wells, Kuehne Sisters, Hal Fields, Neva Cabe

Message to Patrons

Names: Elmer O. Bergland

Spring Meadows Farm

Names: Kenneth B. Hall, Frances C. Hall

The Simms Co

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