03rd Jan 2015
Sharksville, Oregon

Sharksville, Oregon, or a place to stay dry

Name: Sharksville, Oregon Class: A8 GPS: 46.179546, -123.906167 (approximate) Directions: Located at what is now Astoria’s docks near Pier 3. Description: Sharksville was named after the USS Shark, one of...

26th Nov 2014
Astoria Megler Ferry

Astoria-Megler Ferry Pictures and History

The Astoria-Megler Ferry ran near the mouth of the Columbia River between the towns of (now non-existent) McGowan Washington, and Astoria Oregon. It ran from 1921 until the opening of...

21st Mar 2014
Goonies House

The Goonies of Astoria Oregon – Filming Locations

The Goonies of Astoria Oregon – Filming Locations In 1985 the most culturally significant movie of my generation came out. Weirdly titled “The Goonies,” the movie was filmed in and...

11th Jan 2014
Uniontown Oregon (Clatsop County)

Uniontown Oregon (Clatsop County)

Name: Uniontown Class: F2 GPS: 46.190010, -123.848178 Directions: From Astoria Oregon, head west along Marine Drive. Uniontown is located in the shadows of the Astoria-Megler Bridge Description: In the 1880’s...

15th Jan 2013

Astoria Column, Beacon of History

Astoria Column, Beacon of History Astoria Column, Beacon of History One of Astoria’s most unique tourist features is the Astoria Column. Built in 1926 to commemorate important historical events around...

21st May 2010

The Astoria-Megler Bridge across the Columbia River

The Astoria-Megler Bridge The Astoria-Megler Bridge is probably the single most dominate feature in Astoria Oregon, and probably the most beautiful bridge across the Columbia River. It crosses the river...