Uniontown Oregon (Clatsop County)

Name: Uniontown
Class: F2
GPS: 46.190010, -123.848178
Directions: From Astoria Oregon, head west along Marine Drive. Uniontown is located in the shadows of the Astoria-Megler Bridge

In the 1880’s Astoria and pretty much the entire Columbia River was known for one thing, salmon canneries. Canned Salmon caught by Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian fisherman was brought into the canneries to be processed by Japanese and Chinese immigrants before it was shipped world wide.

One of these companies was the Union Packing Company who built a cannery near Bond street. [zotpressInText item=”WNP8V6D6″ format=”%num%”] The company was not very successful, so the real estate owned by the company was platted into lots and deeded to the company’s stockholders. This area was called Uniontown, but was known unofficially as Finntown due to the number of Finnish fishermen who lived here. The town spread to encompass Astoria’s western end, before being totally absorbed by Astoria.


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