Munson Falls, Tillamook, Oregon

Munson Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls along the Oregon Coast. It’s a triple cascading horsetail fall with a drop of 319 feet. Fall and winter is the best time to travel, as Munson Creek is a salmon breeding ground, and the mushrooms are outstanding throughout the entire area.

Munson Falls, Tillamook Oregon

Munson Falls near Tillamook Oregon is one of the most beautiful falls on the Oregon Coast.

The trail here is fairly short, but shows a lot of damage from storms over the years. Originally built in the early 1960’s as part of an youth program, the the trail has been washed out in two places. In one location there is a bypass, but the end of the trail is shortened by a few hundred feet. This actually works out well as it puts the viewpoint at one of the best locations to view the entire falls. Note the number of fallen trees in the falls itself, much of this was from winter storm damaged in 2007 and 2008. That same storm also closed the end of the trail.

This area was originally owned by Simpson Timber Company. The Paul Allen Forest Protection Foundation provided funding to the Western River Conservancy who in turn purchased the land at one half it’s estimated value from the Timber Company. They in turn donated the land to the Oregon State Park system in 1999.


– Caution – Long Vehicles, trailers or motorhomes should not go up this road. There is no place to turn around.

Head south from Tillamook about seven miles. Take a left on to Munson Creek Falls Road. The road will be straight for about a mile, then it will make a swing to the right. Immediately after it does, take the left at the ‘Y’. Soon after take the right at the dirt road. There is a small round about at the end with parking here.

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  • Great hike. Impressive falls and work on the trail by the youth group. One tree could be cut down now so there is a clear view of falls.

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