Ghost Town of Jonesville (Beekman), Washington

Name: Jonesville (Beekman)
Class: A1
GPS: Unknown
Directions: Described as “between Ronald and Cle Elum Lake”

Description: Jonesville was built for coal miners of one of the Roslyn Fuel Company Mines. It was closed down in 1928, and all the houses in town were moved to Ronald and Roslyn, or were completely torn down.

At this point it’s a true ghost town, not even visible! If you know anything about Jonesville please leave a comment below.

More Information:
Picture of town in the Brooks Library Digital Collections

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  • Bob harper the owner of harper lumber. The family owned the first grocery store in jonesville. The have alot of the history

  • Jonesville is not between Ronald and CleElum.Its north of ronald a short ways, you could always see some rose bushes blooming where the town stood.

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