Geneva, Oregon – Ghost Town

Geneva, Oregon – Ghost Town

As best as I can tell, Geneva was a very short lived town. It sits south of Grandview and is just as isolated. Perhaps a building or two still exists behind trees or under brush. During the years of heavy rains before WWI, the area actually looked like it would support farms. Homesteaders still relied on hothouses and greenhouses for gardens, but the future looked bright. The Geneva Post Office opened in 1914. It was named after Geneva Monical, who’s husband championed the creation of the Post Office. Geneva was it’s first Postmaster. Unfortunately the entire area was prone to over-hyped sales by cash hungry developers who were buying land unseen, then turning around and selling it to unsuspecting farmers. By WWII rain had dried up, and the town followed. Buildings were taken apart and used for their lumber, or used as bombing practice.

Geneva, Oregon - Ghost Town
As far as I can tell, the “old well” should be near this location. As I was alone, in the middle of nowhere, last thing I want to do is go searching through brush and trees for a well that may still be open.

Geneva, Oregon - Ghost Town
The View

Geneva, Oregon - Ghost Town
On the other side of a ranch. Not sure if this is part of their land or not.

Geneva, Oregon - Ghost Town
My four wheelin’ go anywhere, vehicle.

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  1. Next time you want to go to Geneva, Oregon I can show it to you, I am a member of the Monical Family still in the area from my mothers side. I have been there a few times. Both my Uncle Derrell Monical and Grandfather Glen Monical, Geneva was my Great Great Great Grandmother

    • Thank you for stopping by Joseph! I’d love to take you up on this offer when the weather changes. Do you by chance have any pictures of the town itself? Or any stories you can share?

    • Hi Joe. This is Tom Zimmerman.
      Glad to see your roots go so deep. There”s two notes:
      The biggest non-typical deer I have ever seen, three feet wide.
      We might be heading out there for the eclipse. It’s the only north road.
      I am hoping this finds you well.

    • Joseph-I am very interested in what you can share. I am writing a book on Grandview and always looking for more information. Also, I write for the Jefferson County Historical Society and this would be a good bases for an article. Live in Portland during the winter but at 3-Rivers during the summer, so perhaps we can get together then, sometime. My e-mail is [email protected]. 503-227-0398

  2. hello Joseph, i never knew there was a Geneva, Oregon. i am from Geneva, Indiana. I am getting ready to go back on june24. i have lived in Oregon since 1974, but going back to Geneva, In. is always great. It’s a nice small Amish Community!

  3. Just to save anyone a trip, the old town of Geneva is private property owned by a man named Casey Brooks. Really nice guy who does not appreciate trespassers. He has many cameras up and a contact with the Oregon State Police.

    There is nothing left of the old town besides some fencing, the only building was torn down a couple years ago by trespassers. If you end up on his land he will come and talk to you or give a photo of your vehicle to the state police.

    The Grandview cemetery is the last bit of anything worth seeing before his land.

  4. Hi all, I am Jonathan Marc Pettitt, from Geneva Switzerland, and since I am developping pulp export business from Oregon, I would have visited Geneva OR out of curiosity and challenge; having read your messages, not much to witness or even access; many thanks for your insights anyhow. Oregon State is beautiful, Jonathan M. Pettitt.