Ghost Town of Curlew Washington

Name: Curlew
Class: D4
GPS: 48.883908, -118.599358
Directions: From Republic, Washington, head east on Highway 20. At 2.6 miles turn left onto Highway 21N. Take a right on Kettle Road after 18.3 miles. Alternately, from Bodie Washington, head north on Toroda Creek Rd for 12.3 miles. Road becomes Kettle River Road, follow it for another 9.4 miles. Curlew will be on the left.

Description: Guy Helphrey and J. Walters built a store in 1896. It was located at the junction of Kettle River and Curlew Creek at an existing ferry crossing. A post office was built in 1898 as the town grew to supply mines in the area. Local lore says that Bootleggers put barrels full of alcohol in the Kettle River at the town of Midway, B.C. during Prohibition. This event is still commemorated on Barrel Derby Day, an annual fundraiser for local civic groups. The Ansorge Hotel in town was built in 1906, claims to have hosted Henry Ford as a guest in 1917. It is now a museum that is open on weekends. [zotpressInText item=”VB558W5D” format=”%num%”]

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