Bridal Veil Cemetery

Bridal Veil Cemetery

This cemetery served the nearby town of Bridal Veil, effectively now a ghost town itself. Bridal Veil Cemetery Marker

The cemetery is located between where the mill was and the actual town itself. Finding the cemetery isn’t that hard, but the road to it isn’t immediately obvious. Take the Bridal Veil Exit off I-84. Past the Church there are three driveways. The second one is a bit hidden but it leads to a small two car parking lot at the upper end of the cemetery.

Among the people buried here is Mattie Shepperd, wife of George Shepperd. Nearby Shepperd’s Dell was named after him. After the death of Mattie he became an ardent supporter of Samuel Lancaster’s proposed Columbia River Highway and left land to the public. The Wyeast Blog covers the story in depth, and is a great blog to read in general if you’re into the history of the Columbia River Gorge in general.


Note – the below names are only the ones with visible markers. The Oregon Burial Site Guide says there are at least 57 graves here. If anyone can add names to this list, please comment below.

Jessie O Amend – Born: 15 Jul 1889, Died: 5 Nov 1894
Mary D. Beatty – Born: 29 Oct 1911, Died: 7 Nov 1911
Carrie Boddy – Born: 23 Oct 1861, Died: 27 Apr 1903
Norman E. Brown – Born: 1899, Died: 1906
Nick Churich – Born: 19 Apr 1921, Died: 23 Apr 1921
Gotfried Franzen – Born: 13 Nov 1866, Died: 9 Sep 1913
Sarah Heckart – Born: 18 Feb 1861, Died: 11 Apr 1914
William Horton – Born: 29 Nov 1814, Died: 18 May 1899
Albert F. Jones – Born: 1851, Died: 1925
Mary Jones – Born: 1856, Died: Not Available
Bradley J. Kaer – Born: Not Available, Died: 19 Mar 1934
Nels B. D. Kaer – Born: 12 Feb 1869, Died: 23 Apr 1914
August Luscher – Born: 18 Aug 1887, Died: 7 Dec 1894
Frede Luscher – Born: 27 Nov 1892, Died: 13 Dec 1894
Julie Luscher – Born: 1889, Died: 1894
James McKee – Born: 1890, Died: 1918
Maggie R. Milvihill – Born: 17 Aug 1872, Died: 27 Sep 1905
Willie Proctor – Born: 2 Nov 1862, Died: 31 Jul 1901
Mattie M. Shepperd – Born: Not Available, Died: 21 Jan 1903
Arthur A. Smith – Born: 1880, Died: 1908
Chris Trana – Born: 9 May 1879, Died: 2 Jun 1904

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  • i grew up in bridial veil , as scouts we use to clean the cemetary yearly , we worked at the sawmill until 1974 when it finally shut down , hershall mcgriff was the owner of bridial veil at that time !

  • Wow incredible… so many 95% shown were so young.. from 4 days old to 7yrs old seems to be the majority .. Only one i see was in their 80’s when died.. others in 40’s 50’s and 20’s …
    i wouldn’t want to have been around in that era..

  • Hello. My great great Grandmother, Margret E McKee is buried in this cemetery. Born Nov. 27, 1852, died Aug. 16, 1901.
    Thank you.

  • I lived in Bridal Veil for about 6 months when I was 5 in 1976. There was a creepy cemetery near our house that was covered in over growth. There was one grave marked “teacher”.
    -John-Paull Davidson

    • I was up in the cemetery about a year ago. It is very well maintained now. That grave marker is still there!

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