Mary’s Peak

Mary’s Peak

Mary’s Peak is about 20 miles west of Corvallis. It’s in the Siuslaw National Forest and has several great hiking trails.

Parker Falls at Mary's Peak, Oregon

Parker Falls is this nice little waterfall coming off the peak.

What is awesome about the Peak is that it’s the tallest point in the central Coast Range. As such on a nice day you can see the Pacific Ocean, the Willamette Valley, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Jefferson.

Mary's Peak

The peak is also home to many different wildflowers and several unique species of plants. Unfortunately too late in the year and you miss all the flowers. Even though the view is still pretty nice.

Mary's Peak

The origin of the name is not 100% known, but it’s most likely named after the nearby Mary’s River, which has it’s own history of names.

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  • Wow, beautiful photos! I have been wanting to go to Mary’s Peak and have never been. I recently drove north on the 99 toward Corvallis and thought about it. Seeing this post will be my inspiration to go. I find that I tend to go to the same places for hiking – I’m looking forward to exploring a new area!

  • Beautiful! which trail did you take to find the waterfall?

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