Ghost town of Eureka, Oregon (Baker County)

Name: Eureka (in Baker County)
Class: A1
GPS: 44.8184797, -118.2046633
Directions: From Sumpter, Oregon, head north along Cracker Creek Road towards Bourne. Town site was about .6 miles south of Bourne.

No information known. I believe there is one ruined building here, I always thought it was part of Bourne but now that I know about this town I believe it was Eureka. Building is hard to see on the left side as it’s elevated over the road a bit. More buildings may be hidden in the trees.

Post Office was established here on September 9, 1892 about five miles north of Sumpter. Kit Carson Smith was the post master. The Post Office closed just over a year later on February 27, 1984. The Sumpter Post Office, and later the Bourne Post Office took over mail service for this location.

More Information:
No information. If you know anything please comment below! Thank you

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