Continuing Education Classes – Portland Oregon

Continuing Education Classes – Portland Oregon

Portland is routinely derided as a place where “young people go to retire.” While this characterization is slightly true, the reality is that Portland has a certainly quality of life over many other cities. When we add in a young, highly intelligent population, we see an interesting intersection of cultures. And even more interesting, a large number of businesses jumping in to take advantage of them.

Continuing Education Classes - Portland Oregon

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One of these byproducts now is the sheer number of classes that are available on a wide range of subjects. Below is a (very) partial list of these resources. Please feel free to add any you think of in the comments below.

American Sign Language


Beer Brewing

Belly Dancing

Bike Repair Classes

– Cooking

Fiction Writing

Foreign Languages


Gun safety




Pole Dancing


Wilderness Survival

– Woodworking

Other resources:

Portland Community College – Community Education

Portland Parks and Recreation – Recreation Activities

Portland State – Continuing Education

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