10th Oct 2019
Capitols - State Who's Who for Oregon - 1953

Capitol’s Who’s Who for Oregon – 1953

Capitol’s “Who’s Who” For Oregon – 1953 – Combined with Who’s Who for the Western States The Who’s Who books are advertised as “Biographical Recording of the Leaders in Business,...

30th Jan 2014

Ghost Towns of Nevada

This is a list of all of Nevada’s Ghost Town. If there is any that you know of not on this list, please post about it below! Thank you! Aurora...

22nd Sep 2010
Oregon Dude Ranches

Nevada Desert

Nevada Desert Both these pictures were taken along the same stretch of I-140 in Nevada. About twenty miles west of Denio Junction. The first one was last March. The second...

21st Sep 2010

Great Salt Flats – Nevada

Great Salt Flats – Nevada On a recent trip between Ogden, Utah to Portland, Oregon via Winnemuca, Nevada. This is near the Salt Flats. The actual place were all the...