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  1. Wolf creek still exists and has two gas stations, a 24 hour store, a county park, and a lot of residents. What classifies as a ghost town ? It is right along interstate five! Even Shedd Oregon. It’s along hwy 99 and is still there.

  2. I live in Wolf Creek, it does have a couple historical sites, but the town itself is doing fine, the post office is still open, the stores are open with two gas stations, a truck stop and restaurant, several other stores are also here including a grower’s supply store, a clothing and collectibles shop, a school (Sunny Wolf Charter School), and a healthy population in and around the town, so please explain exactly what qualifies it as a ghost town. Seven miles out Coyote Creek road from Wolf Creek is the town of Golden, this is really a ghost town, Wolf Creek isn’t in any way qualified as a ghost town.