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  1. I was told a few years ago that No Fog was the Chinese community ( one of them ) that dug the Chinaman’s Ditch to Myrtle Creek. The fella that told me was the author of a book about old Oregon schools ( or grave yards, not sure which at the moment ).

  2. Was there in the early 70’s as a small child. A few collapsed cabins and maybe a few grave sites. Debrish, old wood stove and house hold items. Last heard the the Forest Service bulldozed the site a decade or more ago. Wish I could find the picture or two I had from 72 or 73 when I was there.

  3. found an abandoned house from what the news papers said was time around 1940s it was built not far from no fog like 5 miles as a bird flys there are still artifacts in this house cloths old news papers beds suitcases tables counters an iorning board its all there still standing and went inside found a check book with the name Crystal F Curl havent found a social media of this person or anything have looked for a couple months now