“Colonist Rates” – 1910 railroad advertisement

Colonist Rates

This vintage advertisement from 1910 caught my eye. It is from “The Orderly,” a student run magazine created by the seniors at Hill Military Academy in Portland Oregon. This would have been at least a decade before they moved up to Rocky Butte. At this time the Academy was in two buildings on NW Marshall and 24th Street.

Keep in mind that Oregon, and Portland specifically, was seeing a second flood of homesteaders. The immense success of the 1905-06 Lewis and Clark Exposition kicked off a boom that doubled Portland’s population between 1900 and 1910. And helped to contribute to an almost doubling of Oregon’s general population between 1900 and 1920. This ad was obviously geared towards those people, although I have to wonder at it’s effectiveness due to the fact that the magazine was printed in Portland and I’ll guess that most of it’s recipients were Portlanders.

The Orderly 1910 - Train Travel Advertisement

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