Hood River Lavender Farm

Hood River Lavender Farm

A couple of weekends ago we went up to Phelps Creek Vineyard for wine tasting and to pickup up a few bottles of various spirits for drinking later. On the way back to Hood River, we drove part of the Fruit Loop Tour. While I’d been on this particular road before, I’d never been there while the Hood River Lavender Farm was open. So, we popped in for a bit of a visit.

Mt. Hood from Hood River area

Mt. Hood was a bit hidden that day. The clouds just wouldn’t clear off at all, but it still turned out to be a pretty nice picture.

The farm, as one would expect, was positively lousy with lavender plants growing all over the place.

Hood River Lavender Farm The gazebo would be the perfect place for a wedding or two.

Hood River Lavender Farm

Luckily, it’s not just ugly old lavender all over the place. They manage to break it up with some other colors.

Pink and Purple Flowers

Sunrise at the Rose Gardens

Sunrise at the Rose Gardens

Sometimes, commuting to work is actually a joy.

Sunrise over Mt. Hood

Yesterday’s sunrise was more spectacular then usual due to the number of forest fires in Eastern Oregon, and on the Southern flanks of Mt. Hood polluting the air.

But what makes it really good, is being able to take an early morning stroll through the Rose Gardens.

Peach Rose

Even if it was a little wet due to early morning dew, and sprinklers.

Wet Roses

Too bad it’ll end soon as the seasons change.

Yellow Rose

But we make the best of it while we can.

Pioneer Square Flowers

Pioneer Square Flowers

Every year there is a huge flower display of some sort in Pioneer Square in Portland Oregon. Some artists take potted plants and arrange them into patterns across the middle of the Square. They stay there for a few days, and then the plants are sold off cheap and the money donated to charity. This year the design was a huge world map.

Unfortunately, due to the background and amount of people around, none of my pictures of the large piece turned out. But these two closeups both turned out very nice.

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Flowers at Pike Place Market

Pike's Market Flowers

Seattle’s Pike Place Market has been an institution for decades. It’s first day of shopping on August 17, 1907 saw 8 farmers, and over 10,000 shoppers. It still feels like it sees that many shoppers per a day.