Battle Rock History and Photos, site of a major indian attack

Battle Rock

Unlike other battles between whites and Indians in Oregon, the details of Battle Rock located in what is now Port Orford Oregon are quite well known. Two diaries kept by the defenders, and Centennial History of Oregon 1811-1881, speak of this event via first hand witnesses. The actual reasons the Indians provoked attack in this case are not really known at all though. All accounts simply state that the Indians wanted the White “off their beach,” and motioned for them to leave. Which those in the landing party all ignored.

Battle Rock, Oregon

With up to 300 Indians surrounding the rock, the men were able to escape at night. The next two weeks were spent traveling North to safety while hounded by Indians.

Battle Rock City Park History SignBattle Rock

At low tide you can still walk up to the top of the rock and relive history yourself.

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